Luxury Bespoke Vanity Units

Beautifully crafted single and double vanity units, made your way, in Yorkshire.

Beautiful, Functional, Quality

At Belwood & Roe we handcraft bespoke, luxury painted, vanity bathroom storage units
that you can customise to your exacting requirements, choose your own style, the size, colour, handles, sinks and countertop to ensure your unit is unique to you.

The bathroom, has evolved into a space where aesthetics and functionality converge to create a stylish place to escape to and enjoy. To design an environment that truly reflects one’s personal taste and lifestyle, the bespoke painted vanity unit is the cornerstone of such distinctive luxury.

Quality Craftmanship

Bespoke vanity units embody an unmatched level of personalisation and sophistication within luxury home decor. By opting for a customisable vanity unit, homeowners exert control over the aesthetic and functionality of their space. Bespoke painted vanity units offer endless possibilities for personalisation. The customisation extends to an impressive variety of styles, whether you desire a sleek contemporary motif or a more traditional aesthetic. The client’s vision becomes a masterfully crafted reality, reflecting their individual style and the unique characteristics of the space it inhabits.

We’re a small team of joiners and designers based in Yorkshire. Belwood & Roe have a long history of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our goal is to create hand finished products that our customers are proud to show off.

Impactful Climate Change

For every order we receive, we plant at least one tree, helping to offset our carbon footprint and heal the planet. Our packaging materials are also sustainably sourced, reusable and recyclable.